Web and application short courses

RMIT is internationally recognised for teaching and research excellence in information communication technology (ICT) with an emphasis on application programming, software development and digital design.

Application design courses

Would you love to be able to get an understanding of how to program your own iPhone, iPad or Apple Watch app? You're not a programmer, you don't 'eat code' for breakfast but you do know your way around a computer. These courses are a great way to begin your journey.

iPhone and iPad Apps Creation for Beginners - Level 1
Swift App Development - Blended Learning

Website design courses

We offer a range of courses in web design. From concept development right through to delivery of a site, in our courses, you will acquire a solid overview of the many skills required to design and create a website.

Website Design 1 - The Full Overview
Website Design 2 - Responsive Design
Writing for the Web
Web Design with WordPress

Meet one of our facilitators:

Paul Greenstein

Course(s): Website Design 1 - The Full Overview

Specialising in web development, multimedia, email marketing and graphic design applications, Paul has been building online content since the early days of the web. Paul was co-director of Ubiq Creative Training, a London based company delivering short courses to web designers and the wider graphic design community. Since moving to Melbourne, he has continued to work as an expert trainer, consultant and developer with a wide range of clients. Paul enjoys the challenge of putting complex ideas across in a simple way, and helping his students onto the cutting edge of web design. Find out more about Paul at paulgreenstein.net

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