Calligraphy Courses

RMIT offers a range of calligraphy short courses for all skills levels and interests.

Our courses are a study of historical letterforms using modern exemplars with a view to further modification and modernization. Calligraphy is a craft/art/trade that requires practice, patience and perseverance. Regardless of your level of experience or interest, a systematic and regular practice is necessary to make progress. The important thing is to enjoy the process of learning and to celebrate your moments of success.

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Is our use of devices, the mouse and the virtual world spinning ever faster causing us to yearn for the original, something authentic produced by hand? Pen and ink has resurfaced yet again. Discover the pleasure of hand writing, through an introduction to historical letter forms, then learn how to modify and modernise a variety of styles.

We also offer Graphic and communication design courses and  Folio Preparation courses

Our Calligraphy lecturer

calligraphy_Lauchean Duncan

Lauchean Duncan

"Calligraphy is a form of visual and moving meditation. As old school as this sounds, calligraphy is about discovering the beauty of illuminated manuscripts, marvelling at low-tech ancient masterpieces, opening up pinterest to be overwhelmed by modern masterpieces that dance on the page and take your breath away. Letters that originate in archaic form, yet have evolved into new and exciting forms today."

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