Graphic Design

RMIT will equip you with the skills and knowledge for a creative career in the graphic design industry.

Our short courses range from one session workshops to semester-long courses suitable for those who are looking to try something new as well as the experienced professional.

Below are listed a range of short courses that are integral to these design disciplines.

Portfolio preparation course(s):

Past students

Janina Ahadi

Courses: Portfolio Preparation in Graphic Design - Level 1

I would strongly recommend others to take this course. It’s made for everyone, whether you’re looking to build a portfolio for university, or as a hobby - you set the pace yourself. There is no competition, no grading, but asking for feedback is always beneficial. I was happy that this course has made me take out my stress away from school and focus on challenging myself by creating something that I love. 

 I loved that we were given quite-the-brain-work and creative tasks. We’re expected to make a lot of artwork in a short amount of time. The materials that we were allowed to use were waste materials, going green.

Although it was challenging, I was really proud because I was able to do something productive during my short school break.  Going back to school, after finishing this course, my eyes were definitely more open about how one can approach design. I was able to turn my manual prints into digital ones. I didn’t know that I could do a manual collage using magazines, newspapers and books to make a mock-up and scan it, use a software and make a book cover on my own at home.

In addition, at the end of the course when we reviewed all of our work, I was able to see each and every approach of my classmates’ designs. Very vast ideas coming from all of us; whether they opted for simplicity or complexity. This was an important note for me in making a portfolio.

These are some of our expert facilitators.

Ben Mastwyk

Course(s): Adobe Suite for Design and Presentation Level 1
Adobe Suite for Design and Presentation Level 2

Ben Mastwyk is a Designer and Trainer. Ben has many years experience in graphic design and web design. He teaches in Graphic Arts and Visual Merchandising in the School of Architecture and Design and consults to many individuals and industry.