Japanese Design

Want to learn more about Japanese design?

RMIT offers fascinating courses for those who want to explore Japanese design principles for personal or commercial purposes by learning the craftsmanship of Japanese joinery techniques or experiment with Japanese Ikebana.

Learn about the basics of Japanese timber joinery with the Japanese Joinery - Level 1 course, including a range of cutting techniques, tips and tricks to prepararing connections, edge maintenance and the process of tool sharpening.

You can then move on to learn advanced components of Japanese joinery with the Japanese Joinery - Level 2. A variety of sharpenning techniques and the use of whetstones will be explored.

Sarah - Japanese Joinery student

"Hisao was a great teacher and made it very interesting, relaxed and fun. He has an obvious love and passion which shows through.."


We also offer the  Japanese Aesthetics: From Flower Arrangements to Contemporary Art course if you want to learn about the world of Japanese aesthetics through the application of traditional expressions of design in gardens, food presentations, architecture & kimono. Practical exercises and theory will be taught including Ikebana, the art of Japanese flower arranging.

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