New Architecture and Urban Design short courses

The School of Architecture and Urban Design has developed a set of new short courses to meet the changing needs of industry professionals.

Launching in 2018:

Coming soon:

Meet some our facilitators:

Ben Eddie

Course: Architectural Visualisation with Photoshop

'I have studied Building Design and Architecture at RMIT and developed good relationships with both staff and students which inspire me which is what drew me back to the university. I am interested in this field as the built environment is based on a basic human need, also I've been interested in the fields history - why buildings or environments area as the are, the direction we're headed in and what we're losing in the process.

'The course covers advanced Photoshop techniques for creating interior & exterior architectural visualisations. It's about taking rendered images from modelling software and doing the post-editing to make the images (or concept) really sing. This short course will support & strengthen software skills used in Architecture, Building Design, Urban & Landscape Design or Interior Design & Decoration -basically any program concerned with the built environment. Skills learnt in the course will strengthen employment prospects for anyone entering architecture & design industry for external or internal built environment.

Donna Kendrigan

Courses: Stop Motion Animation, Pattern Design

'With stop motion animation, you can bring objects to life. Even though everything in front of the camera is completely real, you can make surprising and impossible things happen.

I’m driven by curiosity and observation — I take inspiration from my surroundings and from contemporary art and design.

What excites me about my work is the feeling from viewing the first playback of an animation shoot. To see your ideas come to life is very satisfying. I also love the little imperfections created from the handmade process — the impressions of my fingerprints in the plasticine, the flickering of light and the slight movements of the objects. That’s what separates this from digital animation.

The Stop Motion Animation course is a fun and easy way to get started with stop motion animation. All you need to bring is your phone, a tripod and a little imagination!'