Jay Kennedy is an illustrator who caught our eye on Instagram. He is the winner of our May share to win prize by tagging #RMITshortcourses on social media with his quirky images. Follow him @jk_inc

What did you like the most about the course? Why?
Completing two courses, Photoshop – Level 1 and Illustrator – Level 1, I enjoyed how both courses catered to all skill levels and allowed individuals to bring their own projects in so that we could apply the learning on our own personal work.
Do you have any feedback about the facilities and the teachers at RMIT?
Thought the location in the city was great! Was close and accessible. There was one day the Air con wasn't working in one of the rooms but another room was quickly made available and no issues came from it.
How did you apply what you learned to your work?
I'm looking at applying what I learnt in all my illustration work going forward. Looking to see how much further I can push my creativity with a whole new range of skills that before the course I wasn't really aware of.
Would you recommend the course to other people? Why?
I would recommend the course for all those wanting to explore the Adobe systems further. It's a great way to get exposure to things like Photoshop and Illustrator with an experienced teacher to bounce questions of.

Food is undoubtedly my passion.

April 2019

Styling for Food Photography - Level 1

Zoe Cuthbertson’s experience working in marketing in the restaurant industry inspired her to expand her skillset within her current role and explore a career change. The decision to travel from Sydney to study Styling for Food Photography at RMIT opened new opportunities for her. Zoe has now worked with some of Australia’s best stylists Gemma Lush and Jennifer Hawkins.

“For me, the institution (RMIT) has always been held in high regard both in terms of its forward-thinking and progressive approach, and interesting and varied curriculum.

The course was a turning point in my career. It enabled me to take a passion that was bubbling away (perhaps too shy to come out!) and transform it into real-life experience. Being a practical vocation, the styling course successfully took place between classroom and photography studio, bridging the gap between education and application.

While there are a number of food styling courses offered in Australia, I highly recommend RMIT. After all, where else would you have the opportunity to work alongside professionals in the field, and leave with materials and knowledge from a university with global recognition?

I appreciated the balance of theory and practical learning in Styling for Food Photography. The structure of the course, particularly working towards a final, ‘hero’ shot, gave students the opportunity and refine their skills and apply their newfound knowledge to a final piece. This incentive gave drive to the course, and provided students with a professional first addition to their portfolio.

Our teacher, Olivia was also a patient, kind and talented teacher and made every week informative and engaging while establishing a warm and encouraging environment. I also loved that the students were truly from all walks of life – from a professional stylist, to a lawyer and a nutritionist!

RMIT’s short courses are also exceptional value, compared to similar courses with far less structure and professionalism. Most recently, I have been looking in to writing short courses at RMIT because I was so impressed with Styling for Food Photography."

Entering the world of fashion

February 2019

Vickey Zhang completed Fashion Drawingat RMIT to develop skills necessary to enter the world of fashion. She was drawn to RMIT because of it’s ranking and the variety of courses available. 

‘I enjoyed this course and to be a designer is always my dream. As I do not have time to complete another bachelor degree, by completing this short course in RMIT I feel I am closer to my dream. I have already spread such amazing course to my colleagues and friends. Some of them applied for themselves and children.’

Vickey loved the hands-on learning by doing, group activities, teaching staff who were experienced and nice, as well as a diversity of nationalities represented in the classroom.  

In her professional life Vickey works with many international students and highlighted the benefit of the courses to anyone who is studying in Australia. 

‘I know many students gave up their dream program because their families’ decision. In RMIT, the student do not need to worry about their families dream anymore. RMIT short course does not require student to get CoE or IELTS result. If they study full time with any education provider, they can also apply short course in RMIT. RMIT short course  provides students with great opportunities to get closer to there dream course.’