Landscape Architecture Design Studio 2


ARCH 1345 Landscape Architecture Design Studio2 exposes you to a theoretical and practical body of knowledge to foster your understanding of design processes that engage with contemporary design issues. Design studios are vertically integrated so learning will be with students of varying levels, which encourages learning by example from more advanced students and gaining experience and sophistication as you progress through the program. Each semester you will select from a range of studios, allowing you to curate your design education. You will explore specific techniques for design generation, modes of drawing and making, and relevant communication techniques to position your work in relation to the studio theme and broader design practice. You will acquire increasing independence in developing, applying and testing your project and design skills within the studio brief. Design Studio based learning and assessment relies upon continuous cycles of reviewing, feedback and reflection between staff, your peers and other students. Your work is presented verbally and critiqued during formal presentations. You will also submit a portfolio of drawings and images. Each semester, work from the design studio is presented as a part of a public exhibition. Design studios provide strong engagement with industry. Some projects may involve clients or actual projects where you will develop your design proposals within a scenario-based, simulated design practice environment. Professional designers may also form part of your review panel at the end of semester.

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Required prior Studies: ARCH1342 Landscape Architecture Design Studio 1

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