Cognitive Psychology


This course will introduce you to the theory, research and methods underlying modern cognitive psychology. The emphasis throughout is on the potential application of cognitive psychological research. The course is topic-based and progresses from a consideration of underlying cognitive processes (e.g., memory, attention, perception) toward more complex, high-level procedures, such as problem solving, intelligence and decision making. You will consider the following four areas during this course: essential background material on the historical traditions of modern cognitive psychology and a top down view of modern cognitive theory;review of research and theory on basic cognitive processes, such as memory, attention, and perception;information on a number of topics related to the manipulation and application of cognitive information, such as language, problem solving, decision making, and intelligence; andconsideration of several "real world" applications of cognitive psychology. The laboratory component aims to acquaint you with the major paradigms of cognitive psychology.

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System Enforced Pre-requisites (Enforced by SAMS) BESC1123/BESC 122/BESC1121/BESC1380 Principles of Psychology (Course ID 010851)BESC1126/BESC1125/BESC1124/BESC1381 Foundations of Psychology (Course ID 010852)

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