Casework, Counselling and Advocacy


This course will provide you with skills and knowledge to prepare you for direct practice with clients in a range of circumstances and organisational settings. You will examine the effects of personal and political contexts that oppress or privilege clients and critique the impacts of family, social, cultural and psychological systems. We will consider how gender, culture, class, age, sexual orientation, urban, rural and other power dimensions position people in society. Through the course, you will critically examine case management and crisis models and explore processes of casework, counselling and advocacy in building people’s inner resources and social capital. We will discuss contradictions and tensions that arise in working with people to achieve just outcomes. The course engages you in reflective practice, developing your awareness of your own practice style and strengths .The course offers opportunities to practise and receive feedback using strengths-based approaches in working with people to achieve just outcomesto engage, plan and work to achieve goals with people.

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Co-requisites: Critical Social Work and Ethical Legal and Organisational Contexts of Practice

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