HSR Initial OHS Training Course


HSR representatives have a vital role in workplace OHS and under the Occupational Health and Safety Act 2004 (OHS Act) their role and responsibilities are well recognised.

This course is essential for HSRs and others who are interested in ensuring that their workplace is complying with the OHS Act 2004 and providing the best and safest OHS outcomes for their workforce.

RMIT University is approved to deliver the HSR Initial OHS Training Course.

Course content

Course content includes:
• interpreting the OHS legislative framework and its relationships to the HSR and the workplace,
• identifying key parties, their legislative obligations and duties,
• establishing representation in the workplace,
• participating in consultation and issue resolution,
• representing the designated work group,
• issuing a Provisional Improvement Notice (PIN) and directing the cessation of work.

Ideal for

This practical course is designed for HSRs and deputy HSRs, Managers, Supervisors, Health and safety committee members and other people involved with health and safety in the workplace.

Important Information

If registering 15 days prior to training commencement, you will be eligible for a 5% discount - a fee of $940.50 will apply. When enrolling, please type Five in the Promotional Code box and click on Apply Code to obtain this discount.

More information


At the end of the course, participants should:
• understand and effectively exercise their HSR power,
• gain knowledge of protections and entitlements under the OHS Act 2004,
• gain confidence, skill and knowledge to represent their designated work group and
• improved OHS efficiency to help make their workplace safer.


There are no pre requisites for this course.

Materials supplied

Participants will receive a comprehensive course manual, an official hard copy of the OHS Act 2004 and a CD of useful resources.

Materials to bring

All materials are provided.


Participants will receive a Certificate of Attendance on completion of the 5 days.

Additional notes

All trainers are approved to deliver the HSR Initial OHS Training Course. They have a solid, detailed understanding of the Victorian OHS Act (2004), in particular all sections relevant to the purpose of HSRs and their powers, protections and entitlements.

Morning tea is provided. Students can bring their own lunch or purchase from the local restaurants. 

Printable course flyer

Available course dates

Monday 16 October 2017

  • Code s150070
  • Start date 16.10.17
  • End date 24.10.17
  • Hours 40.00
  • Campus
  • Fee $990.00
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Session  Start  End Hours
Mon 16.10.17 09:00am 05:00pm 8.00
Tue 17.10.17 09:00am 05:00pm 8.00
Wed 18.10.17 09:00am 05:00pm 8.00
Mon 23.10.17 09:00am 05:00pm 8.00
Tue 24.10.17 09:00am 05:00pm 8.00

Monday 13 November 2017

  • Code s150070
  • Start date 13.11.17
  • End date 21.11.17
  • Hours 40.00
  • Campus
  • Fee $990.00
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Session  Start  End Hours
Mon 13.11.17 09:00am 05:00pm 8.00
Tue 14.11.17 09:00am 05:00pm 8.00
Wed 15.11.17 09:00am 05:00pm 8.00
Mon 20.11.17 09:00am 05:00pm 8.00
Tue 21.11.17 09:00am 05:00pm 8.00

Monday 04 December 2017

  • Code s150070
  • Start date 04.12.17
  • End date 08.12.17
  • Hours 40.00
  • Campus
  • Fee $990.00
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Session  Start  End Hours
Mon 04.12.17 09:00am 05:00pm 8.00
Tue 05.12.17 09:00am 05:00pm 8.00
Wed 06.12.17 09:00am 05:00pm 8.00
Thu 07.12.17 09:00am 05:00pm 8.00
Fri 08.12.17 09:00am 05:00pm 8.00

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