3D Modelling Workshop


This course will enable you to look at theory of model making, but more importantly you will make models using traditional methods as well as rapid prototyping. You will be investigating fibre glassing, mould making, paint finishing, materials and creating forms.

Course content

  • Introduction to 3D Modelling
  • Environment, equipment and OHS issues
  • Fibre Glassing
  • Mould Making
  • Paint Finishing Materials
  • Creating Forms
  • Discuss Rapid Prototyping

Ideal for

This will be of interest and value to professionals in a range of areas including product, industrial design, film, propmakers, hobbyists and gamers as well as those simply interested in producing 3D Models and the processes involved.

More information


Students will learn how models are made and how to make their own model/s. Students will have the basic skills to enable them to be able to continue on to creating more complex models using a range of skills and equipment.

Materials supplied

All relevant course materials are included.

Materials to bring

Pen/pencil and notebook.


Certificate of Participation

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Printable course flyer

Available course dates

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