Life drawing - (Create observational drawings VART6363C / CUAACD502)


In this course you will learn to draw the human figure from a live model. You will develop skills and knowledge in the use of various materials, processes and techniques, as well as how to integrate their use into your own creative practice. You will submit a body of work, comprising all tasks completed in class, for assessment at the end of the semester. Please note that live models will be unclothed.

Course content

Through the course of an academic semester you will complete a series of tasks relating to the drawing of a human figure through observing sources such as live models, paintings and photographs, using an array of materials including charcoal, conte, pastel, ink, pen, brush and mixed media. Work submitted will be assessed according to criteria considering concept development, understanding of materials and techniques, and adhering to the guidelines of working in the life drawing studio.

Ideal for

This course is suitable for those wanting to undertake serious study of life drawing, whether this is their first foray into committed artistic training or visual artists needing to refresh foundational skills in figure drawing. Suitable for school leavers, mature aged students and current students needing an additional elective.

Important Information

Participants are advised that each class will include as its central component observation of a live, unclothed model. Participants must wear sturdy, enclosed footwear to all of these studio sessions. Those who attend with inappropriate footwear, e.g. sandals, will be turned away from the session.

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Upon successful completion of this course you will have a detailed folio of figure drawing which will demonstrate the wide range of technical and conceptual skills you have developed in observing and rendering the human form through a variety of drawing materials and methods. You will receive a grade in the nationally accredited unit of study CUAACD502 Create observational drawings, which you can use for credit in the Diploma of Visual Arts.



Materials supplied

Some materials will be provided. Participants will receive a list of other materials to purchase upon enrollment.

Materials to bring

Materials as per list provided upon enrollment.


Students will receive a grade in the nationally recognised unit of competency CUAACD502.

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