Beyond Skill : David Huycke (BEL)


As humans, making is at the core of our being. The search for materials and techniques has always been the source of knowledge and progress. Archaeological artefacts reveal economic and social structures of forgotten civilisations. We look at history and observe old cultures through the objects and things that have been made. Today, however, in this digital and dematerialized era, we tend to lose this connection with making, with materials and with the tools.

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In the masterclass led by David Huycke, Beyond Skill, we will look at various techniques and search for its expressive potential. What can for example sawing do more than just cutting? What really happens when we bend something? Where is the poetry in soldering or how can we go beyond the practical?

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This course is suited to participants with experience in jewellery, object making or Gold & Silversmithing and those exploring how to expand and take their practice further.

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Participants will be working and exploring techniques in unconventional ways. They will either experiment without any direct goal rapidly or re-consider their existing work. Both with the same aim: questioning the techniques we use without thinking, and pushing them beyond practical outcomes towards a poetic dimension. The main challenge is the recognition of this critical energy and to develop a certain sensitivity for the beauty in elementary and simple techniques.



Materials supplied

Selected materials will be supplied

Materials to bring

Participants will be advised again closer to the Masterclass. Examples of work. PPE, Basic hand tools, metal, a book for notes, digital camera.


Participants will be awarded an RMIT Statement of Participation.

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