Website Design 1 - The Full Overview


This course is provides a thorough overview of modern web design. From learning about how the web works, through to writing and editing your own code, this course provides an in-depth introduction to the topic. You’ll be able to spend time working on your own projects under expert guidance.

Course content

  • Understanding key concepts - web technologies, browsers, web builders (Wordpress, Squarespace etc.), Content Management Systems, industry jobs and roles, UX design, Web Design vs. Web Development, Search Engine Optimisation, code editors, designing for the web and more.
  • About Domain Names, Web Hosting - Publishing a site.
  • Website structure, naming conventions, file management.
  • HTML fundamentals - learn to write your own HTML code, creating page structure and content.
  • Build a simple multi-page website, add standard elements such as external links, PDF downloads, Google maps, Google fonts and Youtube video.
  • Build a more sophisticated mobile-friendly single page site, with multiple sections, page navigation and animated scrolling.
  • CSS fundamentals - learn how to add formatting, control colour, fonts and other styles, and design page layouts with CSS.
  • Working with content – writing well for the web - SEO - headings, hierarchy and semantic markup.
  • Working with images - resolution, file size, optimisation, compression, transparency and file types.
  • Designing layouts that work across multiple devices and screen sizes.
  • Adding browser behaviours and interactive elements with JavaScript.

Ideal for

This 10 week course is ideal for anyone wishing to get a complete view of how to design and put together a website. Perfect for graphic designers wishing to expand their skills into web design/development, and for anyone with an interest in building their own site, or modifying and updating a company website.

Important Information

Students who have completed Website Design 1 will be eligible for a 10% discount on course fees for Website Design 2 - Beyond the Basics

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You will gain a good understanding of web technologies and up to date web design principles. You will be able to confidently edit and write your own code using standard and freely available software, and optimise and export web graphics.

Materials used:

  • Mac computer (experience with a Mac is recommended)
  • USB drives
  • Software including: Brackets (free code editor), Adobe Photoshop (no prior experience required).

Note: The course aim is not to teach any specific software programs, but only to use them to achieve the course objectives.


MAC OS experience highly recommended.

Also an understanding of at least one software program - not necessarily related to web design - more an indicator of ability to use a MAC computer proficiently.  

Materials supplied

Mac computers and relevant software is included (experience with a Mac is highly recommended)

Materials to bring

Pen/pencil and notebook
USB memory stick


Participants will be awarded an RMIT Statement of Participation

Additional notes

Completion of this course will not guarantee entry into an RMIT Program.


Paul Greenstein

Specialising in web development, multimedia, email marketing and graphic design applications, Paul has been building online content since the early days of the web. Paul was co-director of Ubiq Creative Training, a London based company delivering short courses to web designers and the wider graphic design community. Since moving to Melbourne, he has continued to work as an expert trainer, consultant and developer with a wide range of clients. Paul enjoys the challenge of putting complex ideas across in a simple way, and helping his students onto the cutting edge of web design. Find out more about Paul at


  • The teacher was great! He really made it interesting. I will be recommending this class to some colleagues. Lea

    Super helpful & practical - exactly what I was after as a starting point. Sheena

    It was exactly where my level of skill was and I enjoyed the progression. I'm happy I've got a great basis for future design. Nicholas

    The in-depth knowledge that the instructor has on the subject matter. Any questions asked could easily be answered. Also showed great examples of specific techniques that can be used across a range of things. Kiel

    Paul was an incredible tutor, I enjoyed the examples, interesting facts, tricks and engaging contents. It is a fantastic course and the tutor made it awesome. Erika

    Very comprehensive and accessible introduction! Thanks a lot Paul for sharing your knowledge and the tricks of the trade! Serena

    The facilitator was fantastic & very knowledgeable. Fun projects with lots of different content. Learnt much more than I thought I would. Giulia

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Available course dates

Monday 29 July 2019

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  • Start date 29.07.19
  • End date 30.09.19
  • Hours 30
  • Campus City
  • Fee $1080.00
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Thursday 15 August 2019

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Saturday 05 October 2019

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  • End date 02.11.19
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Sat 26.10.19 09:30am 04:30pm 6.00
Sat 02.11.19 09:30am 04:30pm 6.00

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