Writing for the Web


Writing for the web has evolved into a specialist skill essential to getting the most out of your online presence. As a highly interactive form of communication across a number of potential mediums, it requires a very different approach to print media. Writing functions as a form of 'content' on the web that also interfaces with layout, hyperlinks and web technologies such as SEO. This course explores the principles for creating standout content for the web, introduces you to SEO (Search Engine Optimisation), content marketing and online branding, and creating content that holds purpose.

Course content

  • Know your user
  • Know your platform
  • Know your brand online
  • Web writing principles
  • Web design principles for writers
  • Content layout for writers
  • Search engine optimisation
  • Generating and repurposing content
  • Distributing writing efficiently
  • Using social media online 

Ideal for

This course is suitable for people who have some knowledge of media and communications, are updating their skills (such as print journalists looking to understand online) or that already work in areas online(such as publishing editor)


Important Information

Completion of this course will not guarantee entry into an RMIT Program.

More information


Upon completion of this course you will have improved your skills and foundation knowledge in order to write effective content for the unique web environment. You will understand the importance of audience engagement and have the tools to make your content work not just for the reader but also in ways that enhance the chances of your content being seen by your intended audience.


  • Some knowledge of media and communications
  • Basic computer literacy skills

Materials supplied

Course notes. Mac Computers if available.

Materials to bring

Pen/pencil and notebook.  Wifi enabled laptop or tablet may be required.


Participants will be awarded an RMIT Certificate of Attainment.

Additional notes

Course Presenters

Phoebe Bond is a freelance writer and editor. She has ten years experience in marketing and communications roles in the health and education sectors. Prior to that she worked as a journalist for three years. She has written and edited for publications including The Dominion Post, The Gulf News, Capital Community News, Archer Magazine and Diabetes Today.


  • The information was engaging and practical. Really easy to take back to day-to-day work tasks. Jamila

    Really enjoyed the course - very informative and well run. Julea

    Engaging presentation. I found the content on web design, layout & SEO particulary useful. Amy's own experience provided excellent insights. Practical, useful & immediately implementable. Shane

    Good lecturer, relevant and current topic, concise notes and examples. 

    The open discussion format & meeting/learning about the same challenges being faced by people in similar roles across different industries. Vesta

    Phoebe was an excellent teacher. She kept us engaged & her industry knowledge & expertise was very valuable. Also helps she is a lovely person. Demeter

    A well paced course that gave me a great overview of building a better web presence. Natasha

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Available course dates

Saturday 23 March 2019

  • Code S345093
  • Start date 23.03.19
  • End date 30.03.19
  • Hours 12
  • Campus City
  • Fee $610.00
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Sat 23.03.19 09:30am 04:30pm 6.00
Sat 30.03.19 09:30am 04:30pm 6.00

Monday 01 July 2019

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  • Start date 01.07.19
  • End date 08.07.19
  • Hours 12
  • Campus City
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Mon 01.07.19 09:30am 04:30pm 6.00
Mon 08.07.19 09:30am 04:30pm 6.00

Wednesday 04 September 2019

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  • Start date 04.09.19
  • End date 05.09.19
  • Hours 12
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Wed 04.09.19 09:30am 04:30pm 6.00
Thu 05.09.19 09:30am 04:30pm 6.00

Saturday 05 October 2019

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  • Start date 05.10.19
  • End date 12.10.19
  • Hours 12
  • Campus City
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Sat 05.10.19 09:30am 04:30pm 6.00
Sat 12.10.19 09:30am 04:30pm 6.00

Tuesday 26 November 2019

  • Code S345093
  • Start date 26.11.19
  • End date 03.12.19
  • Hours 12
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Tue 26.11.19 09:30am 04:30pm 6.00
Tue 03.12.19 09:30am 04:30pm 6.00

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