Mastering MailChimp


If you want to lift your email communications to the next level, and take advantage of the powerful capabilities and user-friendly interface of MailChimp, this is the course for you. MailChimp is the world’s most successful Email Marketing Service Provider (ESP). This course covers mailing lists and sign-ups, go into depth with template design, explore personalisation with merge tags, talk about automation, responsive design and much more.

Course content

• About MailChimp

• What can be done with HTML email

• Creating an email campaign

• Building a mailing list the right way

• Segments and groups

• Sign-up forms and how to use them

• Designing an email template

• Style and content

• The file manager

• Adding links and call to action buttons

• Personalisation with merge tags

• Previewing and testing

Ideal for

Anyone who wants to learn how to use this powerful application effectively.

Important Information

No refreshments are provided.

More information


MailChimp is user-friendly, but there’s a lot of depth, and a lot you can do with it. You’ll not only learn the essential skills you’ll need for effective e-marketing, but also how to work with some of the most powerful features of the MailChimp application. You’ll gain an insider’s understanding of how HTML email works, and learn how to make it work for you. 


No prior knowledge is required. It is ideal if you have your own MailChimp account but you can use the RMIT account during the course if you have not set up your own account yet. 


Materials supplied

All relevant course materials are included.

Materials to bring

USB stick

If you want to follow demonstrations using your own account, you should set this up prior to the course. Otherwise, you may use the RMIT shared account for the hands-on sections.


Participants will be awarded an RMIT Statement of Participation.

Additional notes

Facilitator - Paul Greenstein

Specialising in web and interactive design, multimedia and graphics, Paul has been building websites and teaching web design since the early days of the Web. In London, Paul was co-director of Ubiq Creative Training, a highly respected company delivering innovative short courses to designers and developers. Since moving to Melbourne two years ago, he has continued to work as an expert trainer, consultant and web developer. He enjoys the challenge of putting complex ideas across in a simple way. See more about Paul at


  • I really enjoyed it as the facilitator, Paul, is very knowledgeable and informative about the course. Linda

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Available course dates

Saturday 07 September 2019

  • Code S345315
  • Start date 07.09.19
  • End date 07.09.19
  • Hours 6
  • Campus City
  • Fee $305.00
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Sat 07.09.19 09:30am 04:30pm 6.00

Friday 29 November 2019

  • Code S345315
  • Start date 29.11.19
  • End date 29.11.19
  • Hours 6
  • Campus City
  • Fee $305.00
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Session  Start  End Hours
Fri 29.11.19 09:30am 04:30pm 6.00

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