French - Conversation


This upper-intermediate level course is designed to allow you to maintain and practise your conversational French in an informal and friendly environment. The classes will be sufficiently structured to facilitate discussion, while at the same time flexible enough to allow for deviations from the topic and free conversation. A variety of structured in class exercises provide opportunities to practise grammar and vocabulary in context, as well as listening comprehension activities and written work. A wide range of materials are used, including multimedia and print resources.

Course content

There will be discussion on a diverse range of topics, as well as structured practice and revision of grammar and vocabulary in context, listening comprehension activities, role plays and written work. New material is prepared each week by the teacher using a variety of multimedia and print resources. No textbook is required and all in class materials will be provided.

Ideal for

This course is aimed at students who have approximately 120 hours of previous French studies and/or wish to maintain or improve their conversational skills in French. Students must be able to converse in French and have a good level of  comprehension as the classes are conducted entirely in French.

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By the end of the course you will have practised and improved your spoken and written French, and covered a wide range of contemporary topics. In addition, you will have revised a number of grammatical structures and learnt some new ones. You will also have acquired new vocabulary and practised your listening comprehension skills.

Materials supplied

All relevant course materials are included.

Materials to bring

  • Pen/pencil and notebook.



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Dr Julien Chartier

DEUG (Orléans), Licence (Lille 3), Maîtrise (Lille 3), MA (Le Mans), Doctorat (Paris 3), PhD (UQ).

Dr Julien Chartier has been coordinating and teaching courses at tertiary level since 2004, including eight and a half years at the University of Queensland where he also completed his PhD. 
He has taught French (all levels), intercultural communication, literature, argumentation and French cinema, and his research interests include philosophy, cross-cultural pragmatics, interactional strategies, and the concepts of human nature and identity. He joined RMIT in February 2015.


  • Lina Vale

    "The teacher was engaging, very well prepared and the topics were always interesting."

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Available course dates

Tuesday 06 February 2018

  • Code S365040
  • Start date 06.02.18
  • End date 17.04.18
  • Hours 15.00
  • Campus City
  • Fee $285.00
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Session  Start  End Hours
Tue 06.02.18 05:30pm 07:00pm 1.50
Tue 13.02.18 05:30pm 07:00pm 1.50
Tue 20.02.18 05:30pm 07:00pm 1.50
Tue 27.02.18 05:30pm 07:00pm 1.50
Tue 06.03.18 05:30pm 07:00pm 1.50
Tue 13.03.18 05:30pm 07:00pm 1.50
Tue 20.03.18 05:30pm 07:00pm 1.50
Tue 27.03.18 05:30pm 07:00pm 1.50
Tue 10.04.18 05:30pm 07:00pm 1.50
Tue 17.04.18 05:30pm 07:00pm 1.50

Tuesday 24 April 2018

  • Code S365040
  • Start date 24.04.18
  • End date 26.06.18
  • Hours 15.00
  • Campus City
  • Fee $285.00
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Session  Start  End Hours
Tue 24.04.18 05:30pm 07:00pm 1.50
Tue 01.05.18 05:30pm 07:00pm 1.50
Tue 08.05.18 05:30pm 07:00pm 1.50
Tue 15.05.18 05:30pm 07:00pm 1.50
Tue 22.05.18 05:30pm 07:00pm 1.50
Tue 29.05.18 05:30pm 07:00pm 1.50
Tue 05.06.18 05:30pm 07:00pm 1.50
Tue 12.06.18 05:30pm 07:00pm 1.50
Tue 19.06.18 05:30pm 07:00pm 1.50
Tue 26.06.18 05:30pm 07:00pm 1.50

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