Structured Query Language (SQL)


Students enrolled in this course will develop skills in the use of Structured Query Language. SQL will be used to create, populate and manipulate databases within a client-server database system, as well as to retrieve data in a variety of ways.

Major types of queries studied in this course will include:
1. Basic SELECT queries
2. SQL functions
3. CREATE TABLE queries
4. Action

The database management system utilised will be 'MS SQl Server', however, other databases such as Access, MS SQL Server and Oracle may also be explored.

Course content

  • Introduction to MySQL. SQL files.
  • Relational database design.
  • Basic SELECT queries in a variety of settings.
  • Multi-table queries.
  • Types of table joins. Using aliases
  • User views of data.
  • SQL as a data security language
  • GRANT and REVOKE SQL as a DDL and a DML
  • CREATE TABLE queries and action queries SQL functions, expressions, aggregation and grouping in SQL Sub-queries and UNION queries
  • Various other aspects of SQL as required

Ideal for

This course is suitable for anyone who is interested in databases. It is specifically designed for students and employees who wish to develop their skills in SQL to intermediate level and beyond

Important Information

For non accredited programs - International students need to check their own visa conditions to ensure they are eligible. 

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On completion of this course, participants will have good working knowledge of SQL. Participants will work on a fairly complex database on MS SQL Server and create a number of SQL queries in order to perform useful business functions.


Participants should have basic understanding of databases. Some experience with Access or any other relational DBMS would be an advantage

Materials supplied

All written notes will be provided in class. 

Materials to bring

A USB storage device


Participants will be awarded an RMIT Statement of Participation

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